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 Owning a Caiman?

I’m thinking about buying a female Caiman within the next year or so. I’m reading tons of care sheets but I’m wondering about temper and health issues. I’ve had larger lizards most of life, (Argus Monitors, Savs, Adult Green iguanas, and Ackies), so I’m well aware (I think) of what an animal like this can do when they decide to bite me. (or my wallet).
How’s their general temper, lifespan, and how often should I handle one?

10/01/09  04:51pm


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 Owning a Caiman?

Caimans for the most part are extremely agressive. Most caimans do not calm down. Mine is not to bad but the hate being handled. They are much more dangerous then iguanas and monitors. They can live for many years. Look at bams care sheets on her he has some good info.

10/02/09  01:26pm

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