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 Caiman Sick?

Ive had a caiman for over a year now and he has been pretty great. Never any problems eating, always aggressive and active. Lately hes been acting a bit strange, less aggressive, less hungry. This is alright but he has been showing white scales and what looks to be white growths/deteriorating around his scales and feet. These are only about 10 small spots accross him. He def. didnt scratch himself or anything, it looks like some scales are starting to deteriorate and turn white, and on a claw it looks like his toe is becoming a larger white growth... Anyone know what causes this/how to stop it?

09/02/09  02:20pm


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 Caiman Sick?

You need to give more info about enclosure and things but I know when I first started out I had something like what you are describing a little bit on my spectacle caiman and I believe it was the filtration. Crocodilians mess up the water fast so make sure you have a very strong filtration system.


09/04/09  11:07am

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