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 Cage blue prints.

Yeah I’m wanting to check out some possible cage blue prints to use for an out door enclosure for a possible caiman, if not him probably another nile. Anyway I’ve been looking into this a bit but I’m a bit dumbfounded on how to properly heat an outdoor enclosure throughout the winter.

Ideas, hate responses, anything would be wonderful. Thanks.

08/02/09  10:23am


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  Message To: Nerithic   In reference to Message Id: 2049506

 Cage blue prints.

Tarps might be a good idea to keep the heat inside of it.

08/06/09  08:25pm


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  Message To: Bearded_dragon_0   In reference to Message Id: 2052321

 Cage blue prints.

I built an outdoor enclosure for my Schnieders Dwarf Caiman in May. It was pretty warm by then untill a late season cold front came through. I had to wrap his encloser in tarps and plastic sheeting and put in an oil filled radiator plus his usual heat and full spectrum ultraviolet lamps. It stayed 85F or higher without a problem even though it was high 40’s to ;low 50’s outside. I will probably have to install insulated panels for protection through a typical central Texas winter, though. Here’s a couple of pics of what I had to do to keep my boy warm strarting with a before pic, then an after and an inside shot.

08/19/09  06:47pm

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