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 Aquaponics for iguana

Hello, this is my first post. I am thinking about getting a red iguana and want to provide it with the best life I can. I have had lizards and fish my whole life and recently got into aquaponics. essentially its a system where fish live in the water and provide nutrients to the plants via a grow bed. this filters the water and creates a small ecosystem. I want to build a pond and grow bed in the bottom of an enclosure. This will provide an iguana with fresh clean water and will grow fresh veggies for the iguana to chow down on. I know iguanas are opportunistic feeders so I wont put any fish in the water that can choke or harm the reptile if he happens to catch one. I know iguanas produce a lot of ammonia but the bacteria that will colonize the grow bed will convert it to nitrates and naturally fertilize the plants and produce a renewable food source. the fish will consume the feces and keep the water clean of poop. I would do weekly water changes like in an aquarium. I think it will work but wanted get an outside opinion. What do you guys think? sorry for the poor format, im rushing to send this before i leave for work.

08/14/15  11:30am


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 Aquaponics for iguana

Some how my answer landed on another post ...weird...I guess I was click happy...but anyway you will see it if you ever come back’s on the Sumatran monitor post

08/30/15  03:17pm

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