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 What Type of Technology do Reptile Owners Want?

Hello everyone,

My name is Jordan and I am a graduate student at Texas Tech. I am working on a project for my marketing and technology class. I am wanting to "create" a business for reptile owners to bring enclosures into the 21st century. I do not own a reptile, but I am fascinated by all exotic pets. I believe technology needs to incorporate itself into the pet industry and not just for dog and cat owners. I think looking at the reptile industry is a good start due to all the equipment owner’s need for their pets. If you do not mind listing some ideas of what you think reptile owners need to help improve their enclosures or everyday life with the help of technology, I would greatly appreciate it.

I thank you in advance for your help and hope everyone has a bless day!


07/17/15  02:14pm

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