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WT NolaN
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 Filtered Watering hole/bowl idea

So large reptiles need larger bodies of water, for instance my sumatran water monitor is going to need around 100-150 gallons of H20 in his lovely watering hole(not an actual hole). Yet complete water changes on this body of water will be pretty taxing to my life. I know our larger reptile friends can expel quite the amount of decaying proteins but has anybody ever attempted to filter a body of water with an external sump, canister filter, protein skimmer, UV sterilizer, carbon reactor and/or other media? Or has any body ever tried any kind of filtering on these huge watering holes? Any response will be greatly appreciated.

06/30/15  12:47pm


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 Filtered Watering hole/bowl idea

I posted about an aquaponics setup for an iguanna but haven’t got any replys. I don’t want to explain the system (on mobile) but i think ink it would work well for most reptiles. A natural ecosystem to remove ammonia from the water and grow plants for the reptile to eat or create a more natural environment. You might look it up, but I think it would be the best filter setup for in a terrarium

08/30/15  02:51pm


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  Message To: Effinguud   In reference to Message Id: 2314765

 Filtered Watering hole/bowl idea

My 8 year old iguana craps like a small dog ..EVERYDAY You had better think about making a very large aquaponics system to handle the waste. My employer does the aquaponics with some small fish and a grow bed of 4 x 8 with various vegetables. He had to cycle the water for weeks before the nitrate / nitrite balance came on. But it’s up and running now.

The size of the tank to hold the fish and water is so large I doubt that would work in a self contained enclosure unit ... But maybe you could have a remote hose outside.... the iggy will use the pond for crapping in ... not much else.

I prefer to have my iggy free roaming...which it does ...

08/30/15  03:14pm

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