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TrixieBelle   Cphill58  

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Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a little cleaning tip that worked for me with my glass tank.
I get waterspots from misting the tank, and discovered that using a little cream of tartar, which can be found in the spices and seasoning section of the grocery store, will remove most of the spots without scratching the glass. Make a paste by adding some water to the cream of tartar and rub it on the glass, then rub/rinse it off. Easy!

05/16/15  09:47pm


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Nice to know ...thx Trixie

Also since water spots are basically Alkaline in nature... Vinegar works great too. We use it in coffee pots to remove calcium build up and around plumbing fixtures the sink etc.

Apple cider smells nicer ...but do rinse well with water for the reptiles sake.

05/20/15  08:10pm

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