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 Need help with enclosure question

Hi, I am building a new enclosure for my burm, it is made out of 1/2 plywood with 2X2 frame and I need help with what would work for heating, I want to use a heat mat but is it safe to use in a wooden enclosure? also how would it be set up best? If I can use it I would like to put it inside the enclosure to provide belly heat for him and want to line it with linoleum but need some advice on what works best, any and all help is appreciated


06/05/14  03:16pm


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 Need help with enclosure question


Yes you can use a UTH (under tank heater safely with wood...even plastic. with any of my enclosures I never want to use the adhesive to stick directly to the surface. So I use a number of tricks to avoid it.

#1 don’t peel off the back / paper
#2 stick the adhesive side to another surface and fasten that to the bottom.

The goal is to allow you to transfer the heat pad in the future to any enclosure.

If the heat pad is... for example 8 x 16 make a cover for it 9 x 17 out of cardboard or styrofoam (found free in the trash) at many retail stores like Arron bros art mart stores. Ask a clerk if you can have a piece, thinner the better.

Once the cover is cut to size adhere that to the enclosure with duct tape on the outer edges of the cover the heat wont soften the tape a sandwich ...cover, heat pad , enclosure.

If you have the space inside a radiant heat panel is optimum and starts in the 60-80 dollar range

Here is a great site for supplies and equipment ...Bookmark it
reptile basics

I use reptile basic heat pads and Zoo med for anything from corn snakes ...king snakes and smaller 2 giants get a radiant heat panel

Here is a secret not to many know about...look up under desk heat panels

06/10/14  01:17am

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