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 Outdoor Enclosure

Hello everyone. I thought i would post some pictures of the outdoor enclosure, since it is now finished (minus a few plants and branches, but those will come later)
It is 6ft Tall by 5 1/2ft Wide, by 5ft Deep.
Its HUGE! Makes him look small in there, but he looooves all the space. :) I have found he is far more agressive and territorial over his space than he is with his indoor enclosure.

Anyway! We recently had a pool put in so i stole some of the pavers and stones they used to make out patio and recycled them here ;)
The stones are natural, and beautiful really. The Pond is two-tiered: I have a preformed section from Lowes, and a plastic storage container for the bottom tier. I will be installing a solar pump once it arrives, and adding gravel, koi, and aquatic plants once it is established.

The plants i have in there so far are:
-4 Yucca Cane Dracaena Trees
-1 Mass Cane Dracaena Tres
-1 Pothos

I will be adding some bromeliads, air plants, spanish moss, and planting grass seed in the bottom.
And without further adu, pictures!!
And in case anyone was wondering.. Yes, I spoil my babies rotten with these luxurious places to play!
(Excuse the dirty water, i was rinsing out all the dirt ;) )

Outside of the palace


Lower inner shot

Pretty (dirty) little pond!

He was NONE too happy with my presence in his new kingdom.

And of course, a picture of this one playing outside ;) He loves shimmying himself into the grass and laying like this. The dandelions on the side of the house are his favorite thing to eat out there right now, besides the baby sprouts from the garden!

It was easy as pie to build, and cost around 100 or so to do it.
I used deck sealer to seal the wood, Pet Screen for the mesh (found it in the window section at Home Depot, its about 18 bucks a roll)
..And then just some pieces of wood that is all screwed together with stainless steel screws.

Hope you guys enjoy!


05/08/13  08:51pm

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