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Snakekeeper613   The Lone Glider  

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 Animal plastics help

So I need a little advice, I have an old Animal Plastics T12 that I used to keep my Ball Python in, I’m going to be getting another baby boa and want to create a hole in the material to make a spot for a lamp, is there a certain way I should go about doing this? Any suggestions/personal experience would be wonderful

03/06/13  05:07pm


The Lone Glider
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  Message To: Snakekeeper613   In reference to Message Id: 2293271

 Animal plastics help

That doesn’t sound wise to me.. I think the heat lamp would burn a hole right though it.. Use under tank heater or stick with a glass tank is what i’d suggest for the Boa.. What kind of boa? Boas tend to get big(which I’m sure you know) so I’d stick with the glass stuff, or make youir own enclosure with plexy glass and put wise on the top for it, or maybe see about wiring it into the top and put a cover over it? Good luck..

03/13/13  05:48pm

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