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Batmanjosh5000   The Lone Glider   Rexxaroo  

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 Does it matter if the lamp and bulbs are specificly for reptiles?

I want to know if can go to home depot, get a lamp (150 watt capacity) for like $7 instead of getting one from like exo terra or somthing and paying like $20-30, and also do i need to get specific reptile heat bulbs? or can i also just go to home depot for that and get a regular lightbulb thats the same wattage? (the day bulb, i doubt they carry infered bulbs)

03/01/13  03:05pm


The Lone Glider
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  Message To: Batmanjosh5000   In reference to Message Id: 2292965

 Does it matter if the lamp and bulbs are specificly for reptiles?

I personally don’t think it matters.. Look at the substrate, you have reptile dirt usually $10.00 and up an then you go to walmart or home depot and get the same thing but bigger for 5 bucks. I think its the same with lights as long as it reaches the proper temps it should matter.

03/13/13  05:58pm


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  Message To: The Lone Glider   In reference to Message Id: 2293697

 Does it matter if the lamp and bulbs are specifically for reptiles?

For reptile fixtures, they have the ceramic top so you don’t have the fire hazard.
For the bulbs, you are guaranteed UVA and UVB in reptile lighting.
Regular house bulbs will put out heat but not UVA. Full spectrum lighting and Grow lights also Do NOT replace UVB. Please keep that in mind.
As for the substrate, the stuff sold in stores are for people who are:
1) too lazy to clean other types properly
2) too stupid to realize what they are buying is most likely awful or improper for their animal and were talked into it by the pet store or thought it looked cool
3) just need it for a small tank and don’t want the huge bag.

Personally, i do buy some store bought substrates such as exo terra excavator to mix in with my filtered and sanitized play sand for a beardie’s cage. But i do just buy top soil and mulch to mix in my water dragons cage. I thoroughly sanitize before put tin anything in their enclosures, and i am sure that no fertilizers or pesticides are in it.

If you are really concerned with lights being too expensive, i suggest not owning reptiles though. They cost alot in the long run, an personally i don’t take on any animal that i think i will not be able to care for for its whole natural born life.
Good luck, hope this helps.


05/07/13  12:44am

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