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 Can I make this work?

I was thinking about getting this for my water dragon. It’s actually a bird cage, but I’ve seen a number of pet stores selling it for reptiles. I’ve found a place to get it pretty cheap with free shipping. It’s 40"x 30"x72" with 1/2" spacing on the bars. The bottom screen and pan both pull out for easy cleaning. It has a large door on the top and bottom for easy access. I just have a couple of concerns...humidity and crickets!

I’ve seen some PVC cage plans ( that use shower board for the walls. You just drill holes and tie wrap it to the cage. I was thinking about going a little fancier and using the fiberglass shower boards just to give it some texture and make it a little lighter. I’d prefer to attach it to the inside before assembly if possible, to eliminate any interaction with the bars.

The tricky part comes in keeping crickets in the cage and out of my house. My wife isn’t a big fan of Mushu’s menu choices! I think I could use the same strategy on the bottom of the front and just overlap the piece on the door for a complete seal. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep them from just slipping out the bottom though. Maybe I could make false bottom, which would be nice addition for an "inground pool". lol Oh and I guess I could just screen the rest of the front.

Anyway, I was hoping to get some feedback/suggestions on how to set this thing up! Thanks!!!

12/15/12  12:24pm


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  Message To: RomanLA   In reference to Message Id: 2287654

 Can I make this work?

Hi There, I don’t know too much about water dragons, but I know they need a decent amount of humidity and heat and open air cages like the one you posted just don’t hold in any heat or humidity. If I were you, I’d say go to the water dragon forum, I know a lot of them have build their own enclosures and would be happy to talk to you about it. =]

01/18/13  05:58pm

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