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Imderrickjed   The Lone Glider  

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 Huge cage, Where should I post it?

Im in Bloomington, IL and need help. My email is but I will check back here to see if anyone responds. Im not a first time poster trying to sell something, I really dont know the bast way or place to list this.
I have a HUGE reptile exhibit / habitat and I dont know the best place to list it. Ive posted on Cl and I get dumb emails with offers of like $50.00 and such. Clearly this is not a $50.00 setup. I bought it with hopes of using it and my wife shot that down real fast. I know it has a built in mister system, lights and vents. Might have heat, but Im not sure. I bought it brought it home and right to the storage garage. Full size is 6’2 x 2’6 deep x5’10 wide. Enclosure or living area is 3’ tall 2’6" deep and 5’ 10" wide. Glass is on the front and left side. Right side is wood.
If you were selling where would you list it and what do you think is a fair price? Is $500.00 - 1,000.00 too cheap? The glass on the left side has a crack, but didnt bother the snake that use to live in it. I cant find anything like this. Its not home made and cages this size can cost alot. I just want to be sure I post it for a fair price. Its also on heavy duty casters so its easy to move.

On a side note the snakes are doing great. Still have the garters and the bull snake living together. Its been a couple years and no real issues.

12/06/12  12:16pm


The Lone Glider
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  Message To: Imderrickjed   In reference to Message Id: 2287201

 Huge cage, Where should I post it?

I think 600. If you go to CL Not many people are willing to pay that.. Alot of people are looking for cheap things that go there. You could try Hoobly. you may get a better response there! Good luck.:)

03/13/13  06:02pm

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