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Cixelsyd kniks
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 Paludarium questions!¡!¡!

hi everyone. im going to be usein my old beardies 10 gallon feeders tank to try n build a paludarium. befor i try tihis on my 40 gallon breeder. but anyway i have a few/lot of questions i need to kno befor i make it. imma noob. so some questions may be a giving. please be very open and stern with ur answers and stuff. thank you.
1. what are some good new guinea like plants tall ones to please.
2. in my 40gb im gettin a pair of red eyed croc skinks. so do i clean up the poop or what? i read nothing about it. only to watch ur water levels.
3. can i jus use a canister filter to filter n make my stream/waterfall..
4. for this first prodject im jus gonna be using outdoor dirt plants n some young frogs n easter newts from our fully loaded pond. but i was wonderin is this the way to go befor i build my 40gb one. im not gettin my skinks until the 40gb is fully established and stable.
thanks to all that responed.

08/25/12  09:13pm

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