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 Using Super Steam To Clean Tank & Deco

Hi. I’ve looked through the forums and I see that there a few ways to clean a tank and decorations.

Bleach/water mix

My question is if anyone has used one of those super steam cleaning wands meant for home use. I have one that is pretty powerful and produces very, very hot steam. They claim the high intensity steam will kill all germs. I also really like that there are no chemicals. Just extremely hot water.

I wondered if I could use that to clean and disinfect all the plastic plants, the rock water dish, the twisted vine thingy, and the wood climbing branch in my lizard home. And for that matter, the inside glass of the tank.

Do the experts think this would be a good way to clean a habitat?

08/01/12  06:37pm


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  Message To: Shknitzle   In reference to Message Id: 2275210

 Using Super Steam To Clean Tank & Deco

It would be fine ...but every now and again you want something that kills bacteria and disinfects...bleach or Novalsan...
Pretty pricey stuff but we dilute it considerably with water and it lasts for years

Therefore lots of folks use bleach...rinse well and then steam away..and rinse again ...or dry.

08/03/12  05:19am

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