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 Reptile Tank/Small Animal CAGE Display Anywhere?

Does anyone know of a good website where Tank Displays can be found? If you look up ’breeding cages’ or something you get bird cages in units, but I am trying to find the same thing except TANKS instead! And I can’t find them ANYWHERE! Even just a cheap wooden display with glass windows looking into the enclosures! Maybe on wheels? Or just like the bird cage units only without the bird stick thing... can you take those things off of the cages??? I’d rather have the cage displays not the tanks, but I’ll go with either.... They will be used for Small Animals such as Rats, Mice, Hamsters, Gerbils, Chinchillas, Rabbits, and Guinea Pigs. Won’t be ACTUAL home, I promise! :)
One Like This But For Small Animals.
OR A Lot Closer To This It would be better if there was a different size.... like the second link I have up.

I hope you know whether or not the bird sticks come out without destroying the cage!!! That is pretty much my main question... :).


09/24/11  05:46am

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