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 Building tank for sav

hey all, Im building a custom tank for my savannah monitor, i have all the different sizes of my melimine wood cut already. im building a 4 by 3 tank. ( all i have space for right now, mine build another in a few months or something) my question is, does anyone have a more detailed video or site i can go to that will show me how to put this thing together? im not really handy but this needs to be done sooo yea. lol. i was thinking that i could just drill the sides and back onto the base and but the person at the hardware store told me that i cant do that with this type of wood because it will crack down the side. then this video i watched on youtube the girl is talking something about pre drilling so it wont crack down the side..........huhHhhhhh?????????????????????????? another this is painting. i bought some water based black paint to paint the wood and i also have some water based polycrylic to coat it with to help with the extra humidity. do i paint my wood before or after i coat it with the polycrylic? thanks guys

07/06/11  11:48am


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 Building tank for sav

Melamine is particle board that has a plastic / formica coating over it...adhered with glue. At the Home Depot and Lowes they seel a bit the pre drills the size screw you are going to use and applies a nice counter sink to the melamine surface so the screw sets flush and does not stand proud(stick out).

Go to what ever hardware store and ask about the pre drill bits and how they work ...or YOU TUBE it.
Melamine will not do well with the temps and humidity you need would bbe better off reading this article and following the directions ....

07/13/11  02:20am

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