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 Big empty cage

iv got a 6’L 4’h 3’w enclosure plexy glass windows can hold high humidity or have good ventilation . I’m not sure what to put in it. any ideas

04/30/11  10:02am


Corn snake
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  Message To: Reptilerancher757   In reference to Message Id: 2216622

 Big empty cage

Sav monitor

06/01/11  01:50pm


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  Message To: Corn snake   In reference to Message Id: 2222096

 Big empty cage

Red tegu.

06/07/11  03:15pm


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  Message To: Reptilerancher757   In reference to Message Id: 2216622

 Big empty cage

I would like to share with you something that brings custom habitat design to another level. specializes in custom made, hand sculpted inserts for arboreal snakes.
These museum quality inserts are created using an environmentally safe epoxy that cures to an extremely durable/semi flexible plastic and are made to fit perfectly into your enclosure. Every piece created is unique.

This insert work is available for all reptiles and amphibians.

Prices for these inserts vary according to size and quantity of order.

See attached for a quick view, I believe you will enjoy what you see.
To view more examples of this insert work go to the "inserts and habitat design" page of website.

Here’s what one client thinks....
"The perches are working out really well. You have no idea what a difference they are making for the snakes. The big difference between my old cages and the new are the perches."
Steve Volk, Owner/ Breeder of Amazon Basin Boas.

If you have any questions/ comments, feel free to drop me a line.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to talking with you soon.



Ron Rundo


06/10/11  05:24pm


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  Message To: Greens   In reference to Message Id: 2224018

 Big empty cage

Water dragon? CB green basilisk? CB Tree monitor IF and only IF you bring this question over to the monitors forum and then endure their hazing. (I’m not a monitor guy, but I do like their sub-forum, because those guys are even ruder than I am about animal welfare.) However... sizewise, I think you’d be up to code.
Any large-medium snake that likes to climb is a good option. There are plenty of boas that live in small tubs and don’t die, but in natue they are a semi-arboreal species. Might be fun to get a female from a subspecies noted for size and give her room to be a boa. This goes double for carpet pythons. Or, large active colubrids such as a tiger rat or Blue Beauty or a cribo or coachwhip or Giant Madagascan hognose (don’t let the H-word fool you; they’re a very fast, semi-arboreal genus that never got the memo about who they’re supposed to be related to...)
There’s a zillion other possibilities, but without further input about preferred taxons or habitats it’s hard to figure out where to get more specific.

06/29/11  12:28am


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  Message To: JackAsp   In reference to Message Id: 2226996

 Big empty cage

Try a Frilled dragon, or a group of them.

11/22/11  12:21am

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