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 Strange question for u all !

Can i spray paint a cermaic bulb with a coloured paint ?

I have a spray paint i bought from a local hardware store which is for bbq’s and stoves ! It says on the can its good up to 650 degrees c so looks like it will hold up the the heat but will it effect anything that i need to know about ?

11/21/10  06:35am


Nile/water monitors
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  Message To: Sadams   In reference to Message Id: 2188779

 Strange question for u all !

I would think the heat paint would be ok for out doors, but, will it omit fumes while heated that will get trapped in the enclosure with your animal? Will it peal or flake off and get ingested by the animal? I would also wonder if the paint could shorten the life of the ceramic bulb or interfere with the proper function ( heat temperatures ) of the bulb?

11/21/10  08:33am


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  Message To: Nile/water monitors   In reference to Message Id: 2188785

 Strange question for u all !

i dont understand, you got a bright bulb and wanna just use it for heat? i dunno, but if you paint it red it dont make it a red bulb, if thats what u r getting at. and peeling and flaking and fumes like buddy before me said, will happen and your pet prolly will eat it, just sounds bad to me.

02/19/11  08:24pm


Cixelsyd kniks
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  Message To: Xkabx   In reference to Message Id: 2205858

 Strange question for u all !

first of why u wanna spray paint a ceramic bulb? and second not a good idea. that spray paint u have is made for stuff around the heat source. not directly on the heat source. even tho u have correct temps in ur viv doesnt mean the bulb itself is that same temp. well no one should have a bulb tht hot for any reptile. but back to my point. i use to use that stuff all the time when i was a teen (graffiti and such) i hated plan things. but from what i seen jus on a normal soft white light bulb for my room. it didnt last long befor it cracked (the paint) n began fallin off. dont remember a funny smell tho. i wouldnt do it. u dont see it anyway right?

08/25/12  09:25pm

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