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 Heat Rock

I don’t have a heat rock and never really plan on getting one. I’ve only heard bad things about them and always see warnings to never use them because they can burn the animal.

So here are my question because I am just curious:
How hot do they get if they can cause burns?
What kind of creature do you actually use a heat rock for? I only see warnings to never use one but have never seen an animal that a heat rock was recommended for.

I’ve always been curious about this.

10/25/10  02:06am


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  Message To: Qqqqz   In reference to Message Id: 2183277

 Heat Rock

I would have to say.. any animal that may come in contact with the heat rock, you should not use it with. I have used one, but an iguana at night, however, the heat rock was under a foam pillow on my dresser. It was only on for a few hours a night (on a timer), so that it came on around 2AM, and shut off at 6AM. It worked OK, but once i could i had replaced with with a heating pad. I was fairly afraid of the heat rock managing to cause a fire.
I suppose, a heat rock is one of those things that were made with good intentions but now are sold to unsuspecting people for a profit. I actually still have the one i used with the Ig....I never threw it out, though, I haven’t found a use for it either. It does a magnificent job of holding down papers. :)

10/26/10  09:23pm


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  Message To: Qqqqz   In reference to Message Id: 2183277

 Heat Rock

I would suggest not getting one. An under the tank heater will do just fine and a heat lamp will too. It’s not worth spending money on something that has the potential to harm or even kill your reptile.

02/01/12  09:33pm


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  Message To: RedIsis   In reference to Message Id: 2253643

 Heat Rock

Their bad all around and many many years back im talking close to 20yrs when i started with reptiles those were the only way to heat reptiles at that time that was sold for them but they are by far the worst thing to use looking back to whats available and the knowledge of today how to keep reptiles. Back when they came out no one ever through about controlling the heat it puts out with a thermostat so the reptiles got burned and if anyone remember using these your reptile never came off it as the rest of the cage was too cold. I say cage but back than it was fish tanks which are no reptile cage.

02/16/12  02:42pm


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  Message To: Varanus1   In reference to Message Id: 2255553

 Heat Rock

I still use several of them & they work like a charm when used properly.

I have 2 in my 6’h x 4’w x 2d (thermostat controlled @ 90*degrees) enclosure and I have them set to go on for 4 hours after regular feeding times as it aids in belly heat which in turn aids in digestion. Proper digestion IS more important than UVB lighting.

I also have 2 set out in my roaming area and my waterdragons, use them to thermoregulate & then roam about & repeat cycle......

02/16/12  03:59pm

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