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 Young boa struck at me for the first time

I have a 6 month old Colombian red tail boa who has been nothing but nice, she acts like she likes being handled and being able to explore and whenever I had to do something in her enclosure I would leave her in and she wouldn’t mind my presence. Today I bought a couple fuzzies for my boa and ball python and my boa refused it which was odd because usually she has a pretty sharp feeding response. I put the fuzzy to the side and left her alone for about 6 hours when I looked in her enclosure she had moved the thermostat probe, so of course I moved it back and she struck at me! I think she might be going into shed but her eyes haven’t turned blue at all however her belly does look a little more dull. I’m not the most experienced reptile owner but I did my research and have all of the husbandry perfect. I’m really worried and a little saddened because she has never hissed or struck at me before today. Do you think she’s stressed or maybe starting shed?

01/27/18  10:17pm

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