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 Cat-Caught Gopher Snake Hatchling

One or both of my cats have brought me several gopher hatchlings this year, two different hatches judging by the time between catches. The latest was still alive, and, even though it is injured, it’s already showing signs of improvement.

It’s about 9" long and less than 1/4" in diameter. I’ve reviewed postings about feeding these little guys, and the consensus seems to be pinkies. I’m doubtful that it could handle a pinky, but, even if I’m wrong, I don’t know of a source that isn’t a lot more than I want to pay considering the likelihood of survival. It also occurs to me that it wouldn’t be eating pinkies in the wild, and there must be some food source around my house that I could collect with a little effort. Or maybe meal worms?

Any input much appreciated.

08/02/17  03:15pm

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