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DrRockso   Takahiro111  

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 Our Gopher Snake, Scuff

Hi, we have a nearly 6-foot gopher snake that we got personally from a Pet-land employee. We have not gotten him/her sexed yet but we usually just refer to it as a "he". We have him in a 75-gal tank and he seems to love all that space. The previous owner had him in a 30 gallon breeder which seemed way too small for him when we went to visit him for the first time. We have had him for about two, almost three months and had not had any problems with him up until two or three weeks ago. I entered the room, as I usually do when I wake, to check all the levels and such, out of nowhere he starts coiling up and "kinking" his neck and hissing loudly, then strikes the tank. He continued that behavior for at least an hour. He was fine after a day or so and I was able to hold him. Then he just started doing the same thing last weekend when we went to feed them. We had to cover his tank so that we could feed our other babies. I thought maybe he was hungry so we tried to toss a rat in there but he just head-butted it and kept hissing. I have done extensive research on this breed and I know that they are temperamental but I am wondering if there is something we can do to break this cycle because he cannot be happy when he feels like this. Unrelated- but the previous owner also said that during the springtime it is impossible to hold him because he gets like this and she thinks it is because that is when the previous owners would breed him. I would like to know if anyone, maybe with a bit more experience with this breed of snake, has any other opinions or theories as to why this is happening. Thank you for your time.

10/16/14  11:02pm


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 Our Gopher Snake, Scuff

Could it be he was hungry?? My burm is 17’ and will sometimes throw fits like this and I really wouldn’t care because I would grab him kiss him on the head and let him go about his buisness(free roam) but that’s just me lol...I don’t have this kinda snake but heard they can have attitudes for no reason kinda like my red tail but try holding him to mellow him down a bit and how’s his outside space meaning is it noisy in the room he stay in.

10/17/14  01:48am

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