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Nickeugene   Greatballzofire  

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 Bull snake eggs

My wild caught 4 ft bull snake ended up layin 14 eggs today all but a few have become stiffer but 3 remain very soft like jello and feel wet almost I am concerned because the other eggs have hardened up a little. this is my first time incubating eggs from a snake and I could use any advice or info. My hope is to give them a fightin chance to survive so any assistance is greatly appreciated.

07/13/13  01:19am


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 Bull snake eggs

It is normal for a few of the eggs to be soft and flabby; those are duds and you can throw them out. In my photo one of the 11 larger bull snake eggs that is a little off color turned out to be a dud but all the rest are fertile. The smaller eggs are gopher snake eggs. The lone egg to the right in that clutch also was a dud and I threw it away. You can candle the eggs remaining with a pen light and should see veins in a few days. Also fertile live eggs resist mold whilst infertile ones begin to deteriorate.

Good luck with your clutch!

07/15/13  09:46pm

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