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 Gopher snakes

I am from Alaska, and really have no clue about snakes, but my daugher lives on an acre of land that is infested with gophers, and I was told that if you put a gopher snake out there, it will take care of them. She is a little squeamish about a snake running around in the back yard, but the gophers are taking over. Is this a possibility.

04/06/11  02:21pm


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 Gopher snakes

You will probably never see the gopher snake, as gopher snakes are fossorial, meaning they like to stay underground hunting in tunnels. Gopher snakes are harmless to people, but do a bang up job on gopher infestations.

04/06/11  07:28pm


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  Message To: Greatballzofire   In reference to Message Id: 2213289

 Gopher snakes

I would recommend a mating pair and adults as well ...they are fairly common in most states and available as proven breeders from reptile breeders ...common gopher snakes will be realitively inexpensive and shipping is usually airmail overnight.

What area of the country are we looking at?? There are other species that might do just as well and be better suited for the climate.
An acre of land is not a small backyard


04/10/11  02:40pm

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