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Just Curious~
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 Can I feed and handle my new gopher snake at these times?

Guess what I got~~~

So I just picked them up today, he says he hasn’t fed them in about two weeks. I want to get them all settled in before I try anything but .... I need to fix some heating/lighting things in their enclosures first and they’ll need to be out of the tank for that. They’ll be fine for tonight without them, it never gets below 70 and I’ll use a space heater to be sure. Tomorrow (wednesday) I’ll have them out for a few hours while I uninstall/reinstall some fixtures and hook up my new thermostat. Then I’ll put them back in and won’t have to bother them anymore! SO I guess their true "settling in" doesn’t start until tomorrow (wednesday) evening.

So how long should I leave them be before I handle/feed them? Right now I’m thinking that I should feed them on Saturday and try to handle them on Tuesday (next week) Is that good enough? Or do they need longer...?

Question#2 I’m told these are ’07s and he estimated them to be about a foot longer than they really are, I think it’s probably an honest mistake but I wish they were that big. The female was now acurately measureed at 4’2". The male hasn’t been measured, but he’s about a foot shorter. If these really are 07’s will they still grow or were they just not fed enough or something...? In case the link doesn’t work, these are pacific gopher snakes.

Thanks guys!
These are my first pits BTW so any advice at all is helpful.

03/01/11  09:43pm


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  Message To: Just Curious~   In reference to Message Id: 2207689

 Can I feed and handle my new gopher snake at these times?

As for eating, They will only eat when they want. If they are really hungry it wont matter if they are in a new home or now.
Mine were wild and I started handling them right away. They will let you know if its too soon.

Great pics, but dont want to enjoy them. Handle them tonight.
As for size it depends on where they were living. Cramped areas can keep them from growing.
These are good snakes, dont feel they have to see you walking around the house for a week. Get to know them now.

03/01/11  10:03pm

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