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 Heat lamps?

Does everyone here really use heat lamps? I do have a heat stone, but I just wont use the heat lamps.
1. fire hazzard
2. snakes can over do it and burn them selves.
3. i have wild snakes and Ive never seen a wild heat light :)

I have the cage in the house and they deal really well with the temp we live in just like they do in the wild. Bull snakes live in my area so they are use to cold nights and hot summer days.

Just wondering how many really use them because they have seen the need or use them because somebody else or a book said so.

03/01/11  03:39pm


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 Heat lamps?

I use under tank heaters, with hides arranged on top to give the snakes nooks and crannies over the UTH. I never bother with lamps as it would use up too much electricity.

03/01/11  06:26pm

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