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 Better Cage Pics

Here are some better pictures of my pine’s new cage.

Him climbing on the branches, he likes to look out the window.

Eating a mouse, a snack. He usually eats medium rats.

My brother in the cage to demonstrate size ^V^

Even with all the room he still prefers to sleep in his old hide box :)

Except for when he decides to sleep in elevated logs.

It’s not done, I still have a few more shelves to put up. I also want to get more black tubbing to attache to the walll opposite the corm and around the top of the enclosure to maximize space. I also want to put a few fake plants in there, maybe an old christmas tree or something. He might like to climb and hide in it. And he likes to burrow, so I’m going to fill the middel section with mulch. It’ll also cut down the dust from the dirt and keep everything moist. The cage doesn’t have much for windows, so i’m going to eventually silicone plexiglass sections to the two side doors. The cage stays nice and warm with the three halogens. Pits make amazing display animals :)

02/27/11  02:06am


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  Message To: CupcakeSmith   In reference to Message Id: 2207147

 Better Cage Pics

AWESOME sorry I didn’t see this earlier...I never had a pine but they look like great specimens.

So much room ... !!

03/08/11  06:36am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2208615

 Better Cage Pics

Great looking cage, but how are you going to keep it clean? Wood absorbs everything. I had thought of making a larger cage and still plan to. I think Ill use Plexiglas on the inside so it can be cleaned out. Also the hiding areas made to be removed for easy cleaning. Still its a very cool cage.

03/28/11  05:43pm


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  Message To: Imderrickjed   In reference to Message Id: 2211838

 Better Cage Pics

thanks for the comment =)
i treated the wood with a few layers of resin before assembling, so it’s pretty water tight. although it s particle board, so i know it won’t last too well in the long run. i got a lot of insects with the wood and also general insects and spiders deciding the cage was a nice place to live, so i added 2 grass lizards and a house gecko to help keep populations down.

the cage has changed a lot since these pictures, i’ll have to add more. I’ve always wanted to experiment with multi-species vivaria, so this cage was a great opportunity. I’ve added fresh fir branches for colour, and a few fake grass clumps, as well as more and larger branches. I removed the smaller portion of log so i could open up more ground space. I also added my 5ft female coastal carpet python. ***I have seen people successfully keep pine snakes with rat snakes and other species, so I figured a carpet is similar ecologically to a rat snake. they get a long great and share basking and sleeping spots. the large cage also allows for both humid areas and dry areas to accommodate both species needs*** The lizards have numerous humid places to hide and climb well away from the snakes, who don’t even seem to notice them. Today i also added a large tub of water for a filtered pond area which is temporarily housing a red-eared slider. the pine was sitting on the turtles basking area next to the pond for over an hour, I guess he finds it relaxing too XD

one thing I have noticed though, since i added the animals to the cage, neither one has tried to escape when they always tried to escape in their smaller aquariums.

04/07/11  12:20am


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  Message To: CupcakeSmith   In reference to Message Id: 2213337

 Better Cage Pics

And so far your chief biological concern is... insects. Which you are controlling by adding wild-caught reptiles from two different continents. And, for some reason, a slider.
Great idea. Let’s hope nobody ruins it by inventing germ theory.
Meanwhile, sounds great. Go ahead and pour yourself a drink of that clean filtered water.

04/25/11  02:43am


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  Message To: CupcakeSmith   In reference to Message Id: 2213337

 Better Cage Pics

i didnt realize what that said before!!!!
Cupcake Smith must be retarted no joke if hes keeping a COSTAL CRPET PYTHON in there with a RES and geckos and a pine snake.

05/02/11  12:34pm

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