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 Mr. Puffyface’s New Enclosure

I recently sold my savannah monitor, and thought to convert the 8’x4’x4’ wooden cage into a pine snake free-for-all :D. there are numerous hides, perches, ledges, basking spots, etc for the snake to enjoy. I’ve always wanted to have a cage that’s this large for a small snake. The northern pine, Mr. Puffyface, seems to love the ability to completely stretch out. He’s only 5ft, and you can barely see him when he’s moving around.

I think I might add a black pine and a bullsnake to the cage once he’s settled.

02/23/11  03:08am


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  Message To: CupcakeSmith   In reference to Message Id: 2206456

 Mr. Puffyface’s New Enclosure

Three snakes in an 8X4 split into three levels would be happier than if they constantly had to be within feet of each other. Even without splitting it, in a cage that size, you could make a good argument for a male and female together, as long as they were fed seperately. With three of them, at least one ends up being the loser. That would be the point at which your plan to provide "too much space" falls apart.

Even with two, feed seperately. The "I’ll just watch them," plan tends to suck. I can tell you the exact scene of Season 2 Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Angelus killing Jenny) that broke my attention while a male and female pine snake, each about two feet long, were simultaneouly constricting hoppers at far ends of their 48X21 enclosure. (When I have to use a 55 for a snake, I usually prefer to securely fasten on a hinged, nonabrasive screen and then turn the whole thing sideways, so it has 7 square feet instead of 4. Even a 75 gallon only has 6, and there’s still over a foot of vertical-space wiggle-room.) Google it up if you haven’t seen it, and you’ll easily figure out the point at which a person who was overseeing two snakes, neither of whom was eating yet, that had an entire body distance between them, would have "known" that they could watch TV for a minute. In a little over a minute, Callisto finished killing her mouse, slurped it down like a Jello shot, crossed the cage, tried to steal McBain’s, and when I looked back at the cage as soon as the commercial break started she was circling the perimeter trying to get McBain to pull his teeth out of the side of her neck. In the end, she was okay, but after that I opted for paranoia.

Three things you might enjoy in your setup:

1. Translucent ferret tubes. It’s amazing how much more Pits like them than regular hide boxes. Or branches.

2. Treehouses. If you play around a bit with glue and magnets, the end result is elevated hides that are secure yet still’t do that for my bullsnake, because he’s in nylon mesh (most of my pets need it warmer than he does, so I opted for maximum ventilation. A 260-gallon-long Reptarium with lots of feret tunnels.)

3. A designated outhouse. Since the footprint of the cage is about the size of a single mattress and the only snake I have in it is my bull, Winkle, there was room at the warm end for two appropriately-sized hide-caves. When I first set up a snake cage, I go crazy with hides, and then just phaze out whatever they obvioulsy aren’t interested in. Anyway, Winkle immediately decided that the best time to defecate was right after his morning belly-warming, and that the best place to do it was in the cave next door. He rarely hits the warm end except in the morning, and if he has any load whatsoever to drop off, it’s always "same time, same place." And since the belly heat dries it out quickly, this whole routine makes my life and his way easier. No lasting smell, no worry about him crawling through it all day, yadda yadda yadda. It also helps that he usually does it about an hour after his lights click on, and since he’s the only pet I still keep in my bedroom, the extremely lous sharting noise he generates tends to wake me up and annonce that it’s spot-cleaning

Gotta love how many reptile conversations finally grow up qnd become jokes about poo, eh?

02/23/11  07:32pm


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  Message To: JackAsp   In reference to Message Id: 2206577

 Mr. Puffyface’s New Enclosure

well in his old cage he had an area in the back corner for pooping. but yeah, they always do lol
this cage, i think, is pretty ugly right now, but it’s already improved quite a bit. i have a few of those black ribbed drainage tubes i’m going to pout in, as well as cinderblocks, and some fake plants. i’ll post more picks when it’s done.

as for feeding, he’s very picky. only eats live, only if knowones watching. and i would probably feed them separatly, feeding them together doesn’t seem like a good idea haha. do you have any pics of the flexarium?

02/24/11  12:50am

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