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Just Curious~
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 Do gopher snakes climb?

I have two 4’ x 2’ x 2’ display cages and one of them has a shelf for climbing & resting on about a little less than half way up.
Would a pacific gopher snake use it?
If not then I’ll just stick her in the other and keep the shelf one for a more aboreal snake....

02/11/11  05:47pm


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  Message To: Just Curious~   In reference to Message Id: 2204391

 Do gopher snakes climb?

Although gopher snakes are more terrestrial you never know how each one will act ...offer it and then see if it uses the shelf ...maybe a hide box up there will look inviting??

02/12/11  01:26am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2204474

 Do gopher snakes climb?

They love tunnels. Try a hunk of 4"-diameter PVC tubing from Home Depot. Use some heavy-duty glue and a couple of heavy storage magenets, andit’s not just a shelf any more. It’s an elevated Secret Closet of Forbidden Mysteries. How much they love branches/ climbing rocks/ elevated platforms varies. How much they love tunnels does not.

02/14/11  01:49am

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