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 WC Gopher Snake

I was walking my dogs and I almost steped on this baby Gopher Snake. I thought it was dead so I poked it and it moved it’s head so I took it home with me. I want to keep it but am not finding much info on Gopher Snakes as pets, just that you can have four in California. I have two Cornsnakes so I know the baisc snake care. On one website it said that you can keep them in 10-20 gallon tanks but I have read that they get between 5 & 8 feet long so I don’t see how they could stay in a tank that small. It is about 2 feet long right now and I have it in a tub with a footprint that is 23 x 16.25 x 6 inches. It is lined with newspaper and has a small water dish, cardbord box hide at the warm end and a silk plant. He is bing warmed by a heat lamp but I will be getting a heat pad soon. My mom said that I can only have snakes that eat pre-killed food & I don’t like feeding live anyways so is it easy to convert a WC Gopher Snake to pre-killed. I had a WC Rosy Boa before and it took pre-killed on it’s first feeding, so did my Cornsnake that was fed live before I got him. Also I am trying to breed my own feeder mice for my Cornsnakes so how long will I be able to feed it mice and what will it need to be fed as a adult.

01/19/11  06:31pm


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 WC Gopher Snake

Same temps and care as the corn snakes...or king snakes ...any native california snake except the more aquatic garters.
They love to hide in ABS pipe and other little toys you can create, even a flat piece of cardboard to lay under.

At 2 feet it can eat hopper - adult mice or a multiple of smaller rodents. I have a pair of 2 footers and they pound down adult mice easily.
They will do well in a 20 gallon long until they reach 4 feet...or so ... then a 40 breeder will suffice... bigger is better so maybe you are inclined to seek out a nicer arrangement.


01/20/11  03:01pm

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