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 Bull snake info

I need info on bulls be specific, i need info on housing, temperament, and if i can keep 2 together without problems

11/17/10  06:37pm


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 Bull snake info

Bull and gopher snakes are easy to take care of. House it in a minimum 15 gallon tank. A heat lamp with a bulb watt 50 or higher will keep it warm. A water bowl is essential. As for substrate, you could use a wide variety, such as sand, bark, and reptile carpet.
You can keep two together at any sizes without trouble, but make sure they are well fed.

11/23/10  02:15pm


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 Bull snake info

Feel free to email me at
I have two bull snakes living with two Gardner snakes.
I can tell you the feeding habits, cleaning and so on that has worked for me.
Also I would love to disagree with heat lamps, but that’s a whole different story.
My snakes have been happy for years now, well at least two.
And before anyone says you cant mix these two snakes keep in mind I have, and its worked.
All four snakes were picked up from the wild at different times and locations. All four are different sizes. All four get along great. Many times sharing a sleeping area. Also I have NO heating light and never will. Snakes are really healthy growing and eating well. I dont just deal with snakes, i have a cat, Dog, ferrets, snakes, toads, frogs, lizards and from time to time Bats.

03/01/11  09:59am

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