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 Smell DOES Matter!

My 09 Pacific striped gopher snake Zola always gets the live pinks the pyros dion’t eat, as is the weekly routine. Well, I was in a hurry so I just popped Zola into one of the feeding jars that belonged to one of the pyros, along with the pinks, a large amount as the pyros are beginning to slow down as the winter season comes on. She didn’t eat any of them, even left in the jar all night. The next day I put her in Gonzo’s ( 08 Pacific gopher) feeding tub and she still didn’t eat. So I finally put her in her own feeding jar and she immediately ate them! Her jar is the same as the pyros’ jars. I guess she just didn’t like the smell of the other snakes in the other jars.

Zola and her mate Zigzag. She is the redder one. He has gone into brumation but she is going to be like my big Pacific Gonzo, eating all winter at this rate, as long as she gets her own jar! LOL!

11/11/10  06:18am


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 Smell DOES Matter!

Their sense of smell is amazing. When I get ready to feed my Pacific Gopher, I put a couple of f/t fuzzy mice in a small plastic lid which I put into her tank. Many times, she is in her hide box, so I’ll lightly blow across the mice in the direction of her hide box a couple of times. It never fails! Out she comes, with her tongue flicking away. I know she can smell them. :)

01/04/11  01:04am

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