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 More mixed animal updates

First I plan to post pictures of the snakes very soon. Ive moved them to a reptile cage for better ventilation. All is going great with no signs of sickness or fighting.

Second update is about the lizards, toads and frogs. Please skip if you have zero interest, but I prefer to stick with one group of people when I post in a forum and its the bull snake that got me here.

Anyway its again been at least two years and my other mixed lot is layed out on eko earth. One side dry and one side damp. Its a bit tricky, but Its doable. one side has a wood base that elevated the eko earth for a higher start point. This side also has a heat rock. The left side the glass is just covered with the eko earth but has live plants and a deep water dish. because all the animals share this dish this side gets wet every time the get out of the water. It does mean I dont have to water the plants and thats nice. As it stands I just dump crickets in and they all share. There’s one FAT toad, two firebelly frogs, one tree frog (I call sticky fingers) and three lizards. I did a lot of research and always do before dumping animals together. Funny think is the frogs should live on the damp side, but hang out mostly on the warm side. The lizards hang out in the water and the damp side. Role reversal I guess. I plan to post some pics here as well as long as no one gets upset.

10/14/10  02:07pm

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