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  For Cphill58; Got Rats!

Just got this unrelated pair of three month old velveteen rats today. Traded some mice for them. They are very tame and will not be snake food, just pets. The are very intelligent and observant. I was putting my yearling gopher snakes into their feeding jars on the counter near the rat tub, and the rats paid very close attention to that operation! Not to worry, little dudes, you wont be on the menu!

Remember this picture?


10/13/10  07:51pm


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  Message To: Greatballzofire   In reference to Message Id: 2180945

  For Cphill58; Got Rats!

I like rats, We have had a few. My last one always bit my daughters hand and would always break the skin. I told her next time he bite to let him, Dont pull away or anything. It bit her the next day and as I watched it did let go and didnt break the skin. never bit her again. i told her pulling away can cut her because they have sharp teeth. Plus you should make sure your animals always know your not afraid of them.

10/14/10  02:11pm


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  Message To: Imderrickjed   In reference to Message Id: 2181162

  For Cphill58; Got Rats!

GBF....LOL...I am happy for you ...hell yea I remeber that pic...I still have that dude...I named it matilda as it had no package at the time of purchase ...guess what , later I had to change it to MatilDude.....lmao

He is the patriarch of the family...over 250 rats and I built a 8x12 shed to house them. Should make the move this week end...will post pics when I can.

I re started my mice colony last month and have semi success with a new pinkies are now down to 1 ..I think I might have to remove the daddy??? But this time their is no fighting and dying off.
Another female is prego and I can remove daddy this week.


10/20/10  01:23pm

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