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 Emerald Tree Boa Question...

I have had "exotics" - anything that’s not going to be found in your local PetsMart/PetCo - for a while...right around 25 years, nothing venomous since the kids came along, and feel like a complete newbie to ask this question, HOWEVER... After remodeling the house, decided I wanted an upright, multi cage unit and put rare and beautiful snakes in there that aren’t incredibly hard to maintain in captivity. By that I mean, easy to get right temp/humidity, get to eat regularly, and easy enough to handle to remove for feeding/cage cleaning. I’ve selected 2 of the 3 species, and torn on the third. In the past, I have had a few Amazon Tree boas and a Cooks Tree boa...2 of the Amazons I had were ABSOLUTELY was mellow when trying to remove for cleaning etc. The Cooks was a craps shoot what sorta mood you were going to catch him in. I have had a beautiful blue Green Tree Python put on hold for me from a friend and local breeder, and it is pretty mellow as well (although it has just changed into that color from their juvenile coloring and has been held regularly. I know anything "Tree" in it, can have a tendency to be a bit aggro & snippy, but I am wanting to add a nice Emerald Tree Boa to the last spot in the enclosure, but before I do, was wondering what other’s experiences are/have been with them. Are they as bat-s*#t "crazy" as the 2 Amazons, or are they a little more "domesticated" for lack of a better word, or naturally a bit more mellow? For example, the first Amazon Tree, would see my friend (ironically usually just him, but always him) walk past his enclosure and start striking the glass like a mad man. Then got the Cooks, 50/50, but didn’t want to take to long handling him or he would get grumpy. Bought the other 2 Amazons as a pair... Again, one INSANE, the other was so much milder. I was asst. mgr at a local pet store at the time and was able to get from good breeders, and like I said earlier, been handling/keeping feisty snakes (including a rattler or two that’d make ya jump out your briches, lol). I’m looking for something gorgeous I’ve always wanted that isn’t too much on the snippy side. Thoughts on Emerald temp?

12/04/17  08:37am

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