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 Help hog island boa won’t eat.

I got a female hog island boa on the 9th of October and the dealer said that she ate live fuzzie mice every tuesday and that she would have no problem switching over to frozen/thawed. While it has been 4 days since her scheduled feeding so she hasn’t ate in 11 days and I am starting to get worried she is losing weight. She has peed once and there were 2 white flakes in the pee. She hasn’t pooped. Her humidity is 45-50% with and ambient temp from 78-82°f her hot spot is around 90-92°f. She shows no interest in the mouse even when it’s warmed up. I am starting to get stressed.

10/15/16  11:29am


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  Message To: Flinky   In reference to Message Id: 2319630

 Help hog island boa won’t eat.

Maybe try live mice again if that doesn’t work try assist feeding which means open up her mouth and put the mouse in head first (Use a dead one) and white flakes usually indicate dehydration so try to get her to soak in water.

10/17/16  09:26am

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