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 New Boa Concern

I just recently got a female jungle boa and have some concerns. I noticed her yawning a lot and her throat bulging when she arrived but assumed it was temporary but it seems like she is constantly doing this. I’ve never seen any others do this; is this unusual?

01/06/16  07:34pm


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 New Boa Concern

All my pythons, colubrids, and boas do it every now and then but yawning can mean their just realigning their jaws before or after feeding....hey some does it when coming out the hides or exploring their enclosure. If you see any abnormal behavior like star gazing, breathing problems, lethargy, seizures, bubbles coming out of pits, sneezing alot, bubbly mouth(inside), or if the ends of the snakes tongue is sticking or even no tongue flicking at all that’s when you have to be really concerned and see a herp vet but for now just monitor her and make sure the temps and humidity is okay :). Throat bulging can be a sign of an RI but if its not accompanied by any bad symptoms and disappeared after yawning she should be fine.

01/06/16  10:07pm

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