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 Dumeril’s Boa - Heat Problem.

I just bought a Dumeril’s Boa - I’m new to snakes, so I don’t know much about telling age, but he’s about 3, maybe 3.5 ft. long. I have him in a 40 gallon (XL Bearded Dragon) terrarium, which I was told would be fine until he grows another foot. It’s a glass terrarium with a mesh top.
I have a 100 Watt ceramic heat bulb on one side of the tank, and a uvb bulb in the middle (I bought it to provide light, but the employee where I bought him said it won’t harm him, and he thinks it’s beneficial even if it isn’t necessary). I’ve been told his temperature on the hot side needs to be high 80s, but it doesn’t seem to be getting past 83. What can I do to get the heat up?

Thanks in advance!

11/23/15  09:39am

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