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BeastMother   Carrie/poe  

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 Keeping Sand boas together

I am living in a fraternity house this year and the school rules are no bigger than a 10 gallon tank. I am getting a baby sand boa and will get him a bigger habitat after a year but until then can 2 be kept in the same 10 gallon tank for a year until I get a bigger one?

07/23/15  02:05am


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  Message To: BeastMother   In reference to Message Id: 2314291

 Keeping Sand boas together

Personally I dont think thats a good idea,, 10 gallons may be ok for one baby but thats even pushing really need at least a 20 gallon for even one baby, they need a cool side n basking side plus water dish n room to stretch n even a hut or tree for them........

07/23/15  07:44am

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