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PythonLve   Takahiro111  

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 Juvi Sand Boa Not Feeding

I am slightly paranoid that my Sand Boa might starve himself.
I have had him for a week, he is a hatchling, and I have tried to feed him live, f/t pinkies and he isn’t touching them. I have tried wiggling it in front of him and he seems uninterested. He came to me hungry from a rep expo. Should I be worried? Any feeding technique suggestions? I would be grateful. Thank you.

11/18/14  01:08pm


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  Message To: PythonLve   In reference to Message Id: 2310874

 Juvi Sand Boa Not Feeding

I have some feeding methods I used for my snakes.
*feed at night
*leave the rodent in over night
*cover up the sides
*smeer fresh rat/mice blood on it
*dip in chicken broth
*wiggling it
*Prekilled(I do this and it saddened )
*diffrent color rodent

11/18/14  04:16pm

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