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 Rosy Boa Loves to Bite! What Should I do?


My Rosy Boa is a pretty nippy snake. When you pick him up he always looking to bite you. I personally have been bit 2 times, but he has bit my friend who is now refusing to come back until he is nice or won’t bite. I am keeping him in a rack (which I think may be part of the problem but I’m not sure). The temperature is about 87º in the hot spot (it’s heat tape) and about 75º in the cool side. The rack tub is bigger than 10 gallons but isn’t as high up. I can live with him biting me because I know it doesn’t hurt at all compared to my Amazon Tree Boa. If you have anymore questions please just ask me below!

Thanks For the Help!

08/14/14  06:20am

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