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 Sand Boas, the next big thing?

Obviously the Corn snakes and Ball Pythons rule the pet trade when it comes to diversity, And the milk, garter, and kings snakes are nothing to pass up either. But ive noticed lately that one snake that is on the rise (especially among beginners) is the Sand Boas. I myself picked one up a few months ago, and i gotta say, these just might be my new favorite species! now, im new tho the whole snake thing, but not THAT new. i know my way around when it comes to beginner snakes. and im telling you guys, these are going to take the market by storm in the next couple of years. theres not as many Morphs (at least not yet) but that means theres more room for experimenting with "paint jobs" with these guys. check them out, its a good snake for beginners and one that not many people have yet. so what do you guys think about sand boas? do you thing they will be able to make good competition for the Corns and Ball Pythons?

10/08/13  06:43pm

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