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Ana100   Sandboaking  

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 Biter Rosy Boa :(

I just purchased a Young adult female Rosy Boa. She was fed before I took her home and I did not handle her until 72 hours after we arrived home. Since then she bit me and snapped at me from inside the terrarium a couple times. I have never owned a snake before. My kids are 3 and 5 years old and they were very happy we got her but she bit my 3 year old yesterday. He was not holding her I was, and he was only reaching out to touch her(slowly). When I bought her I was told Rosy Boas were not aggressive but now I’m nervous and I’m wondering if I should have purchased a baby Rosy Boa instead of a young adult. so she would get used to me handling her. BTW... She was fed 2 pinkies before we left, is there a chance she’s hungry? she’s about 18-20 inches long.

07/10/13  06:37pm


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 Biter Rosy Boa :(

Well, rosies are usually tame snakes. As far as feeding, you’re supposed to feed it a meal that’s about as wide as the snake. pinkies sound way too small for a snake at that size. As far as handling, it’ll take time. Just hold the snake every day for 5 minutes or so, unless it’s digesting a meal. Does it bite you when you’re handling, or just inside the cage? A lot of boas are cage aggressive.

07/11/13  09:07pm

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