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 Couple quick questions on tree boas

Hi my name is nic.
i have 2 uromastyx and i had a ball python.
my BP unfortunately died last week and i am wanting another snake.
before buying her i was considering a tree boa at the convention until the breeder took it out of the container and it struck him repeditively which needless to say killed my excitement about the snake and i did not attempt to handle it.
my questions are:

Is that the general temperment of all or most tree boas?

If it is something you have to ween them out of, how long does it take and how difficult is to accomplish?

and finally where is the best place to buy a tree boa of a mid rangeish size?

04/17/13  09:30pm


The Lone Glider
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  Message To: Benson803   In reference to Message Id: 2295827

 Couple quick questions on tree boas

Tree Boas are not to be messed with. They are nothing like a Ball Python, corn,Milk, or King snake. They are display animals only. Tree boas tend to be very very aggressive. I have owned several and all of them are super aggressive and ready to strike any hand or anything that comes in the cage. They are NOT for a beginner who has only has 1 Ball python. IF you want something cool and different out of the boa family, I’d go with the Sand Boa. They stay small and have a great temperament. But that is the only Boa I’d recommend.. Boas tend to be a larger species and more aggressive and just plain bigger which isn’t something a beginner should get into. I’d get one of the ones I listed above or another BP. There are a lot with interesting pattern and such and they are less likely to be aggressive Not saying they aren’t, but it is less likely. If you don’t want any of those(after doing research on all of them or just ask any questions you wanna know about them) then I can create another list of some I think you would enjoy and be fairly safe keeping.

04/17/13  10:49pm


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  Message To: The Lone Glider   In reference to Message Id: 2295835

 Couple quick questions on tree boas

Not really a big fan of sand boas. 90% of the time its just like having a tank full of sand. I know that most boas get large. I keep a burmese from time to time for my neighbor. I also handle his tegu on a regular basis and a friends retic occasionally. So first of all I am not scared to get a large animal. Secondly I do not agree with "tree boas are not to mess with". I met a breeder from texas at the same expo who brought along his emerald tree boa which was more docile and relaxed than any other snake i have ever seen and there were hundreds of people around it. The potential for a docile animal is there. All I want to know is what I am going to have to do to achieve that.

04/18/13  09:44am


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  Message To: Benson803   In reference to Message Id: 2295852

 Couple quick questions on tree boas

Ok, not to be rude here but if you know somebody with docile tbs then why don’t you ask him to get you a tame one? Tree boas are 99% mean, and most will be wild caught and you can’t really ever tame them. Yea, try some sand, rosy or rubber boas. They’re actually pretty nice snakes and mine don’t hide all the time. Or you could go hogg island or dumerils because they don’t really get that big. Tree snakes of any kind just aren’t good pets especially if you like the idea of handling.

04/18/13  03:06pm

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