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 Rosy boa advice

Hi there, I have an adult rosy boa that is about 10 years old and three feet long. She’s been acting completely normal, but lately she has not been pooping. She doesn’t feel like she is constipated, and I can’t tell if it may be an influence of the cold weather (hibernation mode kicking in). Recently she has been getting a light blue spot on her underbelly (towards the middle). Does anyone have any advice for this? She’s never had problems before, so this is a little strange for me. Any advice would be appreciated!

11/10/12  08:49pm


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 Rosy boa advice

Hi, I’ve definitely never heard of this. Has she been eating fine? Have you given her a warm soak? That can help. Also, do you feed her on loose substrate? Because she could be impacted. Sadly, I’ve had it happen, and it can be rough to fix.

11/13/12  03:48pm

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