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 Sand vs. Rosy..

Which one is ’better’ for someone who doesn’t like being bit or struck at also

Regarding enclosure size, heating requirements, feeding habits and overall temperaments.


10/25/12  12:53am


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  Message To: LeoLuvr   In reference to Message Id: 2283754

 Sand vs. Rosy..

Hi, this question just made my day a whole lot better! I love to see new interest in these great little snakes. So... heres some basics on both:
sands: (assuming you mean kenyans)
1.5-3 feet of sweetness at adult size
at most a 20 gallon cage
feed them once a week as babies and every two weeks as adults (some may not take frozen)
babies can be nippy, but it doesn’t hurt
as long as you handle them, they can become your best friend!

anywhere from 1.5 feet to 4 feet
said to be better eaters, but I don’t believe them
20 gallon-ish depending on size
can be very tame, more of the corn snake of boas (generally tamer, but not as rewarding as sands in my opinion)
If you have any questions feel free to ask. Also, I’ve seen these guys at pet stores for $100 This is ridiculous! If you can, go to a reptile show/breeder, or order online. Normal kenyan sands are anywhere from 25-50 dollars each.

10/30/12  03:25pm


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  Message To: Sandboaking   In reference to Message Id: 2284211

 Sand vs. Rosy..

Thanks for the summary on the two!

I’m going to the San Antonio Reptile Expo on the 3rd and didnt want to completely impulse buy xP

I’ve had a little tiny kenyan sand boa for a couple months but had to get rid of him because we were moving and couldn’t take him along- it’s been a while but I remember that he was very nippy but half the time I didnt even realize that that was him trying to bite!

Am I correct in saying that the sand boas have a wider variety on color morphs?

10/30/12  09:29pm


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  Message To: LeoLuvr   In reference to Message Id: 2284236

 Sand vs. Rosy..

As far as color varieties, it depends on what you’re looking for. Kenyans are orange and brown, anery kenyans are black and white, albinos have the yellow pink and light orange sometimes, snows are pink and white, but they do get whiter with age. There are also paradox snows and albinos which basically means they have small black spots in random places. Those are the ones that are easiest to find. However there are also stripes, striped aneries, flames etc. Rosies come in a lot of varieties too. For example, some have brighter oranges and different shades of brown. My favorite is definitely the mexican. There are also albinos and some hypo, but the hypoes seem to fade. So, it depends on what you would be willing to spend and what you like.
Also, you said your tiny kenyan was nippy, that’s normal with all babies.

11/01/12  04:20pm

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