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 Pastel boa constrictor

Hey my name is dan and i have just gotten a 3 month old baby pastel boa i am reading a lot about them and am wondering if any one could post some facts about them i am also unsure if it is a pastel boa i will post a picture below so that maybe you could help me identify it thanks to those who help.

10/16/12  12:17am


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 Pastel boa constrictor

Hi my name is andrew I have 2 red tail boas n to be honest they pretty easy to look after. Post a pic n I will tell u what boa have, sadly my male boa died a few days ago thru athing called RBD.. Its comon in boas it shuts all main nervous system down slowly im telling u this because its most comon in baby boas. It can be caused thru parasites. What enclosure do u have for ur boa do u have a heat mat or lamp. Also the best thing to feed ur baby boa is baby rats once a week get into a routine n always keep a diary of ur snakes feed n sheds make sure u have a temp gauge in the enclosure. Boa are realy well temperd. Handle ur boa on a daily basis so he or she is used to to human contact. Boas can grow between 6 n 10ft a female will tend to grow a few foot bigger than a male. If u have any questions please ask. I hope this has helped a little bit. Post a pic of ur boa n ill tell u what u have...

10/16/12  03:13am


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  Message To: Boalover2   In reference to Message Id: 2282935

 Pastel boa constrictor

As far as I know, there is no such thing as RBD in boas, it is called IBD (Inclusion Body Disease) and it is not "common" in boas, though it is fatal. It is a complicated disease that is only just starting to be understood and can actually lay dormant in boas for years before becoming activated (if it becomes activated). It is also not proven to be caused by mites (the only parasite that would really cause the transmission via blood), however, it is a likely path of transmission.

As for your pastel boa ... without pictures, obviously, impossible to tell. Pastel does not necessarily mean anything but describe the general look of a boa, however, in recent years, people have started slapping the label on any boa just to make a sale and, most of the time, the boa is not actually a pastel.

Boas can be generally well tempered, but they are wild animals and no one animal is the same as another. I have twenty animals and some are well mannered and others are complete snots. It varies by animal and the attitudes can change year by year, especially when they reach sexual maturity.

Handling a boa daily may not necessarily sway how their attitude is. It can help "desensitize" them t some degree, but again ... they are wild animals.

Get some pics up of the little one and good luck.

10/17/12  09:27am

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