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 What do you think? Genetic issue.

I’m picking up 2 female dh sunglows, one of which is a Probable/Possible Jungle. What do you guys/gals think?
Jungle dh Sunglow or not?

Also, I’m planning to breed them to an Albino in 4-5 years when they are ready.

I guess my question is if she proves to be a jungle, I can make Jungle Sunglows and Jungle Albinos, along with more dh. Sunglow jungles and her Albino jungles, right?

I know the outcome minus the jungle part, Im just not to familiar with the jungle gene and weather or not both parents need to carry the jungle gene.

I’m assuming I only need one parent to carry the gene, i was pretty good with boa genetics but ended up breeding ball pythons and lost track of boa genetics...

12/25/11  12:15am

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