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 Help Please

I have a boa about 5 ft. i feed him last night a medium rat and today i took him out of his cage to hold him and i noticed he had clear stuff coming out of his mouth it kind of reminding me of drowl . i held him for a little bit longer and it stopped before i put him a way it started again but it was just a little bit . Can Someone please help me i dont know whats wrong with him . He has a heating rock and lamp and hes on gravel in his tank . PLease help

12/21/11  04:37pm


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 Help Please

You shouldn’t mess with a boa for 48 hours minimum after they eat.

He could have a Respiratory Infection that is quite advanced and needs to see a vet. for anti-biotics.

Get rid of the heating rock. Get rid of the lamp. Get rid of the gravel.

He needs an under the tank heater, flex watt or similar heating elements. I doubt he has proper maintained temperatures in the conditions you have kept him in and he definitely could not have the proper humidity seeing as you are keeping him on gravel.

He needs daytime temps of 80-85 Degrees, a hot spot of 90 degrees and a nighttime drop between 77-75 degrees.

Whoever you got your information on in regards to caring for this animal was grossly misinforming.

Animal needs a vet. and you need to solve these husbandry issues now.

12/22/11  03:46pm

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